265/70R17 COOPER ST MAXX RWL 121/118Q

  • 265/70R17 COOPER ST MAXX RWL 121/118Q
  • 265/70R17 COOPER ST MAXX RWL 121/118Q
  • Product Code: 54805
  • R5,815.00

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The Discoverer® S/T MAXX™ is designed for tough terrain, including rocks and gravel, with on-road stability and performance.

The Discoverer S/T Maxx is Cooper's On-/Off- Road Commercial Traction light truck tire developed for the drivers of pickup trucks, SUVs, full-size crossovers and vans looking for a tough tire that provides the traction needed to navigate the loose terrain of job sites, gravel roads and off-road use. In addition to off-road capabilities, the Discoverer S/T Maxx is designed to deliver confident paved-road performance in dry, wet and wintry conditions, including snow.
The Discoverer S/T Maxx utilizes a cut- and chip-resistance compound molded into a symmetric, hybrid four-five rib design for low pattern noise and to promote even wear. The open pattern and multiple block edges provide the clawing traction necessary when negotiating soft, uneven soil, rocks or gravel. Stone ejector ribs and the non-parallel groove walls help resist rock retention, improving longevity by preventing stone drills that may potentially damage a tire. In-block sipes create the biting edges needed for traction in wet conditions, and the high-void pattern provides ample drainage away from the footprint for hydroplaning resistance. Discoverer S/T Maxx tires are molded to accept optional #15 metal studs to enhance traction on packed snow and ice.
Cooper's Armor Tek3 construction utilizes two 90 degree radial body plies, in addition to a third body ply with an eight degree bias to help reduce gaps between sidewall body cord. Two high-strength steel belts support the tread, while the nylon reinforcement above the steel belts provide high speed durability.

• Tread design helps to prevent stone retention
• Armor Tek3® Construction for added tire durability
• Cut and Chip resistant tread compound/composition