125/70R16 CONTI s.CONTACT 96M
185/50R16 CONTI ECO-5 81H
185/50R16 OVATION VI-388 81V
185/55R16 B/STONE EP150 83V
185/55R16 B/STONE ER300 83V
185/55R16 CONTI ECO6 83V
185/55R16 DUNLOP SP 2030 83H
185/55R16 FIRESTONE FS100 83H
185/55R16 OVATION VI-388 83V
195/45R16 CONTI ECO-5 84V XL
195/45R16 DUNLOP FM800 XL
195/45R16 FALKEN ZE914EC 84V XL
195/45R16 OVATION VI-388 84V
195/50R16 ACCELERA PHI-R 84V
195/50R16 B/STONE ER33 84V
195/50R16 CONT PREM2 84V
195/50R16 CONTI UltraContact 84V
195/50R16 DUNLOP LM704 84V
195/50R16 DUNLOP LM705 84V
195/50R16 FALKEN ZE310 88V

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