155/70R13 CONTI ECO3 75T
155/80R13 CONTI ECO3 79T
155/80R13 DUNLOP SP560
155/80R13 MOMO M-1 OUTRUN 79T
155/80R13 SAVA EFFECTA + 79T
165/65R13 DUNLOP SP560 77T
165/80R13 CONTI ECO3 83T
165/80R13 DUNLOP SP560 83T
165/80R13 SAVA EFFECTA + 83T
175/50R13 NANKANG AS-1 72V
175/50R13 YOKOHAMA A539 72V
175/70R13 CONTI ECO3 82T
175/70R13 DUNLOP SP560 82T
175/70R13 FALKEN SN832I 82T
175/70R13 MOMO M-1 OUTRUN 82T
175/70R13 SAVA EFFECTA + 82T

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